Roff Oil & Gas, Ltd. is a limited partnership engaged in the exploration and production of oil and gas reserves in Texas, Wyoming, Oklahoma and the U.S. mid-continent region. Founded in 1999, Roff has consistently pursued an aggressive and successful drilling program. Roff has developed multiple programs in varying locations and geological conditions, ranging from development activity to exploration, from shallow developments to deep reservoirs, and including both oil and natural gas. Roff believes its careful control of costs, sophisticated financial oversight, and conservative approach to geological and engineering risk have been the cornerstone of its success. Roff has an outstanding health, safety and environmental record.

While Roff seeks to identify and acquire proved developed producing reserves with development opportunities, Roff places more emphasis on the exploration of reserves in areas near to existing fields that share similar geological and other attributes. These areas have higher finding risk, but when successful their returns are very high and result in better returns than a pure acquisition strategy. Roff's strategy also includes:

Working in areas it knows well and where it is familiar with the risks associated with a prospect. Roff's experience and contacts in its area of focus give it early information on potential acquisitions or prospects, technical knowledge specific to areas under development, and other relevant information such as innovations in production techniques.

Pursuing projects with multiple productive reservoirs that offer secondary objectives in drilling.

Focusing on Texas and the mid-continent region. Area basins have been major producers of oil and gas for decades, and good technical data, including well logs and seismic and production information, are readily available for interpretation. Onshore projects often have fewer environmental challenges and slower depleting reserves.

Developing projects in active hubs of oil and gas asset transactions, with large numbers of interested buyers.

Maintaining Roff's status as a flexible, low cost operator. Roff acquires and develops properties or prospects that have the potential for substantial reserve additions and that can be initially tested for a modest amount.

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